Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Areas, Benefits, and Dangers

Scientists should be careful with researches relate to toxin. Toxin, if exposed, could cause numerous health problems. It could burn your skin, caused indigestion, or trigger the growth of cancer cells. However, it remained a controlled chemical, not yet fully restricted. There are certain benefits if toxin was used legitimately. In researches of neurobiology and physiology, toxin plays an important rule as the counter reactant of certain belligerent element in our body. For example, the botulinum toxin could alleviate mild involuntarily muscle contraction, but it is one of the most poisonous medicine used in medicine.
Scientists should never have touched cloning researches. However, they did. And this deed sparkled one of the most heated global debate. A gaur was the first specie that was successfully replicated without undergoing fertilization. Sadly, it only survived for 48 ours. Through further researches, scientists realized fatal problems in the species. They sometimes turned into mutilated species with physical and mental degradation. Economically, they could start up a black market of embryos. The ones that are considered as the superior genes could then cause chaos. In consideration of genders, people might flavor one gender over another one. The cause could be tragic. The balance between the two sexes could be forever ruined. Marriage and sexual reproduction would then be impossible. The cost of cloning is also great. It costs about 30, 0000 NT to get a dog cloned. There is no doubt that human cloning could cost much more. Doing so, the hardly earned money would be spent blindly, and, possibly, trigger economic depression.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Faustian Tale- The Mask

  A Faust tale shows a man who longs for authority, knowledge, wealth turned into an amoral or devilish creature of great ambition. To introduce the character, the protagonist always seems pitiful, poor, or beaten down. The protagonist would then make his climb toward “power.” To his joyful or ambivalent discovery, he would use it to defeat the antagonist (person or object) he met on the climb. A major change would take place, then his life would turn a-hundred degree in a good way, but soon the situation would deteriorate and turn a-hundred degree in a unhealthful way. This all happened on his way down toward normality. However, most characters in Faustian tale would succumb to the enemy; there are also ones who successfully live a better life after the boost was no longer there.  

  I chose the Mask for my topic. Stanley was a kind man who was bullied by most people who he was acquainted with. He would later discover a Mask, which was later known as Loki, “The Noose god of darkness and mischief.” Stanley became a wild creature who humorously annoyed his employers and neighbors. He gained courage to pursue the woman he loved, Tina. However, he was then involved with a gangster, Tyrell. Peggy, a news reporter, would late lied to him to have Stanley’s Mask taken off. Peggy would then exchange the mass with Tyrell for the bounty. Stanley would later incarcerated for a bank rubbery he committed when he first got the mask. On the bright side, his dog would help him break out of the prison, and Tina, who loved him equally, would seduce Tyrell and have the Mask taken off. Stanley would reclaim the Mask for the sole purpose of defeating Tyrell. After all is set and done, he threw the Mask into the ocean to enjoy the new life he had found. 
  Stanley is in all ways a weak and sad being dominated by the upper hand of the society. He met an enemy, who was Tyrell. Simply, Tyrell hindered him from getting the girl he loved. By finding the Mask, Stanley has reached the climax of the story. On the falling action, however, he realized being the Mask is not so great. It created personality discrepancy, so he handed the mask to Peggy. However, the falling action did not yet end, it would be a twist. Stanley would be put into jail, but the story wouldn’t end yet. As a side note, some great Faustian tales, such as Frankenstein, the character ended up suffering for the deed he so chosen. Back to the story, Stanley would find his way out of the jail, defeat the enemy, and throw the mask away. The falling action is separated into two parts. Although the animations are certain revolutionary, the unpredictable plot was what make it a symbolic film of the decade. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Ode to "part of shoe"

Part of an old and torn basketball shoe...a
It was left helplessly at the corner...b
No one is going sing you the blue...a
no one cares about you, not even the mourners...b
When I looked at you, I imagined you talking to me...e
I used to travel with you, but now you make me feel lonely...c
but now you forgot the wonderful memories we once shared...d
but I used to be you favorite - the one and only...c
but you no longer love me after you can’t get me repaired ...d (not the real reason)
 We gave you victories, We go through every practice with you...f
We used to be your towers of strength,  We, as a whole, never had the chance to bid you adieu...f
At the very end, it said to me softly, “you no longer treat us as your trustee.”...e
In reality, the shoes were torn, the sole was gone, and the shoe laces had fallen apart...g
A blended blue and red aglet was all it remained...h
Simply, by looking at you, all the flashbacks start...g
However, some part of the memories restrained...h
I still couldn’t remember why I discarded you and part...g
I probably saw a pair of shinier shoes, then your value I see no-more...i
I secure my feet by simply pulling on you, now, I feel the liveliness in my palm once-more...i
I hope you could accept my sincere apologies, but, at the end, you will be left on the floor...i

Monday, March 5, 2012

How does Yahoo society function (i.e. leadership, mating, war)? What is Swift trying to say about human nature?

Yahoo were beings of low morals, who possessed obscene and treacherous thoughts. The mud which covered their skin were demonstrations of our disgraceful personalities. Swift depicted the Yahoo’s lack of courtesy. They warred with each other unsystematically, matted with other spontaneously, and the leader was wiped with mud comfortably. These vanity were no difference from the way civilized people lived. The guerrilla tactics, the promiscuous marriage and scandals, and the earthly possessions man so desired. Human nature is a collection of idealistic beliefs, which were twist of logic, e.g., craving of diamond and gold, that were accepted as conventions. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meditation 17 Worksheet

Meditation 17 Translation - Flattened-1

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Epigraph

Naked birth, concealed life, foolish death

We are all born with certain gifts; we can all do things that others can’t. I might be able to learn music, language, sport, cuisine, or science faster than other people could. However, I met people and I innocence and ideal beliefs dissipated forever. The purpose of my lives is lost forever. When I am led astray, I will then try to cover up the wrongdoings I have committed by living another person’s life. Now what? My life turns cold and colorless. I am just a fool suffocated by the pressure over me. Now, it is all too late. The alleviation will be death, because other options faded away soon after I conceal up whatever I once had. 

Response to Death

What is the appropriate response to death?
People embarked on missions in search of cures for morality, but they ended up dead anyway. Death is a process that consummates life, so we could never outrun it. Our existence came through birth, and will end by death. It is just an universal law we have to accept.
We should accept death and not let it inflect our daily lives. We should live our lives to the fullest, so, when death knocks on our doors, we will have not regret. We should always be ourselves -  to love and hate. The concealment of our true identity is the root of unsatisfactory life. We should simply do what we want to do and say what we want to say, because when death comes, those words will never be uttered and those actions would never be taken. Death was meant to be accepted, not to be altered. Life is like a play. We never try to change the storyline; we follow it act by act. We judge the play fairly after the journey ends. Death is just a reflection of what we have done in our lives. It shows us what to be proud and ashamed of. Life is like a ticking clock; we never know when the clock will stop clicking. But while it is still ticking, we should utilize the time smartly. When we take a timed test, we do all we can before the time is called, and there is nothing much we can about it afterward. It is not much difference from life, so why think about when life while end, just embrace what we have before the time runs out.