Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Areas, Benefits, and Dangers

Scientists should be careful with researches relate to toxin. Toxin, if exposed, could cause numerous health problems. It could burn your skin, caused indigestion, or trigger the growth of cancer cells. However, it remained a controlled chemical, not yet fully restricted. There are certain benefits if toxin was used legitimately. In researches of neurobiology and physiology, toxin plays an important rule as the counter reactant of certain belligerent element in our body. For example, the botulinum toxin could alleviate mild involuntarily muscle contraction, but it is one of the most poisonous medicine used in medicine.
Scientists should never have touched cloning researches. However, they did. And this deed sparkled one of the most heated global debate. A gaur was the first specie that was successfully replicated without undergoing fertilization. Sadly, it only survived for 48 ours. Through further researches, scientists realized fatal problems in the species. They sometimes turned into mutilated species with physical and mental degradation. Economically, they could start up a black market of embryos. The ones that are considered as the superior genes could then cause chaos. In consideration of genders, people might flavor one gender over another one. The cause could be tragic. The balance between the two sexes could be forever ruined. Marriage and sexual reproduction would then be impossible. The cost of cloning is also great. It costs about 30, 0000 NT to get a dog cloned. There is no doubt that human cloning could cost much more. Doing so, the hardly earned money would be spent blindly, and, possibly, trigger economic depression.

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  1. 30k NT to clone a dog? Daaang. They've done it in TW, then? 10/10